We Demand a Change of Service

So you found yourself looking into Direct TV, haven't you? Don't worry, there's nothing shameful about it. I've done it myself this past week. For me it all started on Wednesday morning when Time Warner caused millions of customers to lose access to their Internet for three hours - millions. This isn't some kind of local outage that effects a few hundred people or a planned outage that might effect a thousand or two. No, this was a nation wide outrage that left 11 million people and businesses without access to the web. Completely. For three hours. Think about that for a moment.

Can you imagine the scope of it? The magnitude of money that was lost within that brief period of time? All of it caused by a single mistake caused by a single company at a single moment of time. They crippled the entire infrastructure of the web because some technician couldn't resolve an appropriate Internet Protocol Address correctly! This is a perfect example of why it is so dangerous, and so frustrating, to have only a handful of companies to be in control of access to the web. It's time for us to rally together as customers, as Americans, and demand a change.

No longer should they be in control of the web. It's long past the time where the Internet should have been considered a utility, given certain rights and privileges that protect it from corporate abuse. It's outrageous clear that both Time Warner and Comcast are doing everything that they can in order to leverage their guardianship (read: monopoly) of the web to squeeze every penny of profits out of consumers. It's as if they hate the fact that they control the web and because of that hatred, they will mistreat us and bleed us dry.

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