They Did a Great Job for Me the Very First Time I Used Them

I love living life of on the road. I am not married and have no children, so it is the life that I want to lead right now. In order to gain a little extra free time for myself, I use and online transcription service to do the work of transcribing up all the of the lectures that I do on my tour. It gives me the space I need at night to relax a little.

I started out very passionate about wanting to be a lecturer who gets the word out to many people who come to my appearances to hear me talk. And 5 years later, I am just as passionate. While I mostly discuss the same subjects at every appearance that I do, I do research about each city or state that I am visiting and I make some changes to my entire speech. Because I travel to about 4 different cities every week, this keeps me really busy at night. I often want to go to sleep early after I do a lecture, but I do not have time often. I have to stay up to do research and transcribe everything I have said so that attendees can purchase a copy from me.

I soon learned that there is a company that will do all the transcribing. I figured that if they did a good job, it would be fantastic to get to work on just my nightly research instead. I sent over an old lecture as an experiment to see how the company would do. I got back a file the same day of the entire thing written up. I read over everything that they typed up, and it was perfect. I cannot explain just how great a thing this is for me and freeing up my time.

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