Icons That Are Perfect for Our Website

I have always loved putting silly things on my family website. Whether it is a photo of my parents when they first started dating nearly 30 years ago or a poem that my niece wrote for her school project, I always make sure that it is something that will have the family coming back for more. It is a really simple website, and I use a lot of web icons that I was able to get from a website that sells bundles of them. These icons are really great to use when I am just posting a silly note, because the icons can tell more of a story than actual words at times.

There are a lot of family jokes that only we get, and having the icons to convey a special meaning is usually taken how it was intended. There are icons for every occasion, including holidays. For Christmas, I can put a simple message telling others Merry Christmas, and then I can include a bunch of icons like a Christmas tree, a snowman, a bunch of wrapped gifts, or a number of other icons that convey a holiday message. I can do the same for Halloween, Valentine's Day, the Fourth of July, and even smaller things like Mother's Day.

There are more than just holiday icons though. There are icons that include smiley faces, money bags, food items, and so much more. If I put a joke on the site, there are at least a dozen icons that I can put there too to make the joke even funnier. If I put a picture of my grandmother or my nephew on there, there are icons that go with their personalities. With so many icons to choose from, it is easy to keep things fresh on our family website. It is a lot of fun making it that nice too!

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