Mother Nature Affects My Life No Matter Where I Go

I am pretty lucky to live now that does not have to deal with things like tornadoes or hurricanes. I grew up in Florida, and I can remember so often having to worry about hurricane season. Then, I later moved to Oklahoma, and found myself smack dab in an area that had been affected by tornadoes many times. So, when I moved to an area that is typically less affected by weather, I still found myself calling for commercial disaster services after some torrential rains that occurred. It seems that no matter where you go, you should expect that anything is possible.

When I heard that my area would be flooded, I was not too worried. I knew the city didn't run into too much trouble because of bad weather. Friends and coworkers assured me that it was rare as well. But it turned out that I moved there just before the bad weather hit, and my home was flooded. Many other people in my neighborhood ran into the same problem. It really did a number on my new home, which was frustrating. This was not something that I could solve on my own and I needed help.

I ended up calling a company that comes in and handles flood clean up. Because I had not dealt with this before, it was a really great help to have employees who know what they're doing. I really didn't realize that flood waters can be contaminated with all sorts of bacteria that can be harmful. Had I not known this, I would have waded right into my house to try to save some things. But the team of people I hired to come help said that they would go in and get a couple of things for me. They did that, and they helped save some of my family heirlooms.

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