Dad Bought a Pony for Lacy

It was not much of a surprise to me, although Jennifer was pretty worried when my Dad started to teach Lacy how to ride. He bought her a really sweet little Welsh pony, it is about as tame as an animal can be and it has a real affection for Lacy. Or at least it loves her for picking apples from the tree just outside of it’s fence. Last weekend when we went over they had bought her a set of childrens horse riding clothes. I was surprised that they fit so well, especially since when I was growing up all of my clothes were two sizes too big when they were new. At any rate Lacy immediately put them on and then she started to ride the pony. It still has not name, although it seems as though she wants to name it after one of the Power Puff girls, I think she said Butter Cup or something similar to that.

Of course my Dad is not going to be happy just teaching her to ride. He has a room full of horse show trophies he has collected over the past thirty five years and he is happy to tell you all about any one of them if you want to be bored for half of a night. He is clearly going to teach her how to compete and Lacy is keen for that, no matter what her mother thinks. We took her little dog along with us this time and it is clearly jealous of the pony, but of course it is smart enough to be afraid of it too. It is a tiny dog and even a pony packs a really good kick if you get on the wrong side of it. It yipped a little, but stayed a good distance clear of it.

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