Get the Best Safety Gear Available to Protect Yourself on the Job

If you work a job where heavy objects can fall on your toes, you should wear steel cap boots. If your are in an industry where you need more protection, be sure to get the steel plate to protect the top part of your foot as well. This is often called a metatarsal plate or something like that. You have the steel at your toes, and then you have a steel plate that covers the top of your foot. I have leather boots with a leather covered metatarsal plate. The first time you have something heavy fall on your foot, you will be glad to have a pair of safety boots.

The steel of a good pair of work boots takes the impact instead of the flesh and bones of your feet. In a split second you can have your foot crushed by a heavy object or have your toes cut off. Working with heavy things that are lifted by cranes is a risk. Road construction crews often use steel plates to cover holes dug in the road so traffic can go over it until the job is finished. Just a small plate is big enough to cut off toes if it slips out of the chains when being placed. I am a big believer in wearing all of my safety gear to work. It has the marks on it that could have been me if I was not wearing it.

I would not work a day without my steel cap boots, hardhat, safety glasses and gloves. I’d call off from work if I could not locate even a single piece of my safety gear. It is just too important. I have had close calls where my safety gear has protected me from injury. Plus, I make sure to buy the best safety gear available.

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