Have black attorneys forgotten about the black community?

Some people think that we have too many lawyers in this country. But there are others who say that we’ve forgotten about the power of the law degree. Progress is made, particularly in the black community, when lawsuits are filed, laws are changed and the courts make key decisions.

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons has been a passionate advocate for the black community during his 10 years in private legal practice. Solomon-Simmons says that it’s time to reconsider how lawyers are trained in America, especially those from the African American community.

According to Solomon-Simmons, young black attorneys should realize that there are many ways to make money and be successful that don’t involve the typical humdrum existence of the high-paid, cog-in-the-wheel lawyer at a big law firm.

Solomon-Simmons says that black attorneys should realize that the black community needs their expertise more than ever, and that they should find ways to allocate intellectual and financial resources in directions that will allow them to help overcome some of the greatest hurdles for the African American community.

But then again, many lawyers come out of school with massive debt on their backs and the big corporate firms are the ones that can help them to repay it. How do you find a way to strike a balance?

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