How to become a real estate lawyer by Attorney Steve Vondran

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Information about how to become a successful real estate lawyer by Attorney Steve Vondran, the business and real estate lawyer. This video talks about the types of cases real estate lawyers might handle, whether it is from setting up a new business, (incorporation or LLC, or partnership) and setting up independent contractor agreements, policies and procedures and the like.

This video on tips to becoming a real estate attorney also discusses getting a hi score on your LSAT, doing internships, getting a real estate brokers license, and other tips to help you practice law as a real estate lawyer.

Other topics such as financial elder abuse, breach of fiduciary duty, real estate arbitration, eminent domain, zoning and land use are also discussed.

Hope you enjoy the video. I love practicing real estate and business law, and hope you will enjoy it to. The nice thing about real estate law is NOT EVERY LAWYER out of law school wants to go on to become a real estate attorney (many law school students want to do criminal law from my experience). There are only so many of those cases to g around based on the number of lawyers around. So focusing on real estate law could be a great niche for a new lawyer to consider.

Granted, the real estate market is not sizzling hot right now, but look around, there is property everywhere you look and real estate law issues will never go away.

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I can tell you I have made a good living as a business and real estate lawyer and it is a pretty collegial bar for these kinds of attorneys.

The video also touches lightly on realtor ethics, NMLS, broker accusations, and real estate arbitration. These are the types of things you get to do as a real estate lawyer.

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