I Arrested The District Attorney.wmv

CIVIL CONTEMPT PROCEEDING. An attempt to scam what they could NOT legally take, denied!

I did a Citizen’s Arrest on Fresno County Deputy District Attorney. Hear the DA tell the clerk sitting next to him to “give these things to my wife” as he pulls out his wallet and keys, he knew he was arrested all the statutory required procedures were met.
The D.A. knew that’s why he was handing off his personal property to the clerk next to him. He expected to be taken into custody the video shows it clearly.

D.A. charged with Contempt of Court, Discrimination Against the Disabled While Acting Under Color of Law.

Mr. A delivers his prisoner to the Court Bailiff, a County Sherriff’s Deputy. Then he educates the Judge and DA on federal law, then the Judge loses control of the courtroom and throws the DA out of court. Watch the DA throughout the proceedings, he’s shake’in, not stirred. LMAO

Tell everyone you know to watch the corruption in court and what you can do to fight back.

*** In the end they moved this case to another courtroom that did not have video cameras. Everything was dismissed after five years of bullshit, wasted time, and wasted money. The case is tagged “confidential” so you cannot see what your gov’t really does.

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