My Son Needed Legal Entertainment Representation

My son is a brilliant musician. I know most parents want to think their child is a prodigy in whatever area their passion lays, and I am no exception. However, my statement is also a reality. His music teachers have all said they have never taught anyone like him, and he has already composed several pieces that have received attention in the music circles. When he decided to put together a compilation of his favorite pieces, I knew that we needed to talk with a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer first. I wanted him to be protected because while we had no exposure to the entertainment industry, I knew enough that we needed to make sure he was protected.

Since I had no idea where to turn, I went online and started doing research on various firms that handle representing people in this field. When I came across Law Advocate Group, I knew that they were the lawyers that I wanted to protect him. See, my son was only 16 years old when he decided to do this, and I did not want any vultures circling him. If they knew that we had legal representation, then I knew that we would not be treated in a way that we did not deserve.

I made an appointment with the law firm, and I was very pleased with everything that they explained to us. Their rates were extremely fair, and I knew that it was okay to let my son proceed with his work. His teachers were a huge help as well, and it did not take long for interest from the music community to come knocking at our door. Every now and again, a young person is just so special that people take notice. This time, it is my son, and the legal firm is making sure that he is protected as he starts this new journey.

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