Pro Bono Ripples of Hope Attorneys

The Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP) of Community Legal Aid Services
promotes pro bono programs in civil legal matters that secure justice, protect legal
rights, provide quality representation, and fight poverty. The VLSP collaborates with
private attorneys, law firms, law students, bar associations, and other volunteers to
develop programs that serve income eligible and elderly residents in eight Ohio counties
including: Columbiana, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Trumbull and
Wayne. Pro bono programs include the Jerome L. Holub Pro Bono Bankruptcy Project,
the Reduced Fee Divorce Program (RFP) and opportunities to assist with a variety of
civil legal matters that promote family and economic stability such as adoption, simple
estate planning, homeownership and housing, guardianship and special needs trusts,
wage claims, consumer issues, probate of a simple estate, and other civil legal matters.
VLSP completes an initial screening of clients to establish income and asset eligibility
and makes cases available to volunteers through a weekly email referral system. VLSP
provides ongoing support and assistance to volunteers along with free CLE training.
Lawyers looking for volunteer opportunities to spread “ripples of hope” within our eight
county region of Ohio should contact the VLSP at or 1-

Pro bono service enriches communities, empowers people out of poverty, and provides
the personal satisfaction that comes from helping someone in need. Pro bono attorneys
have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of clients who have nowhere
else to turn for assistance. Even the simplest pro bono experience can make a real
impact. For example, writing a will for a terminally ill client provides peace of mind and
stability at a family’s most vulnerable moment. Pro bono service also provides attorneys
with opportunities for professional development. New and experienced attorneys alike
seek out pro bono opportunities that allow them to utilize their skills to make an impact
in today’s world. Pro bono helps attorneys develop and hone legal skills. Attorneys
alone have the privilege of legal training and responsibility to preserve the core principles
of our justice system through pro bono legal service, because nobody else can.

“Equality before the law in a true democracy is a matter of right. It cannot be a matter of
charity or favor or of grace or of discretion.”

-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Wiley Rutledge

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