Roof Inspection Decides Price Dispute for Historic Building

We bought a building that is part of the history of the area. It has a very steep roof. I cannot imagine being up there over a hundred years ago putting up those slick tile or fixing them when they needed fixed. There was no way even the best maintenance staff would be called upon to go out there and even inspect the roof. This was a job for professional roofers with all the right equipment. We called a company that does roof repair in Manhattan NY to come out and fully inspect the roof from the peak to the eaves. We needed a professional evaluation because of a dispute in the price of buying the building.

The owner said the roof was in great shape. He had an inspection document, but I saw evidence of water leaks. We were going to fully renovate the interior, but we were only paying his price if the roof did not need replaced for another 25 years. The company that does roof repair in Manhattan NY set up scaffolding and took hundreds of pictures of the roof from the outside and the inside. They found evidence of moisture getting inside in different places. Their assessment was that a full replacement would be needed immediately to fully stop all the leaks. The previous repairs had been haphazard and not up to code.

We were then able to successfully bid down the buying price to accommodate much of the cost of repairing the roof. When it was all said and done, some of the roof timbers also were replaced. We expected that. They had to be hewn by hand by craftsman who knew the old construction methods. The new composite slate roof looks incredible. We are very pleased in keeping the look of the historic structure and remaking it with newer materials and old craftsmanship.

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