UMvC3 – Ranked Ramblings Ep. 8 ‘Aspiring Attorneys’

“Quit following me!”
Facebook stuff:
This one’s late since my comp died, but Merry Christmas everyone!

Humming the Bassline – Jet Set Radio:

BOXCELIOS II – Yakuza 4:

Rain Prayer – PROTO-DOME:

Countryside 1 – Double Dragon Neon:

Trance Logic – Jaws:

Objection! – Miles Edgeworth Orchestrated:

Logic Trinity – Dual Destinies:

Edgeworth vs Wright – DjtheSdotcom:

Loading – Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles:

Divine Bloodlines Airwave ver. – Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles:

Snowy Mountain – Sonic Adventure:

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