We Wanted to Help Families Who Can’t Typically Afford the Type of Education That We Offer

I run a small private school with my husband. We love everything about what we do for a living and for the people in the city that we live in. It’s not always easy to hire maintenance staff because of where we live, so we often get the work done by doing something like hiring someone to handle spring cleaning in Singapore or hiring contract workers who help us out with special landscaping projects. There are a lot of wealthy people in our city who want their kids to go to high-dollar schools, but we wanted to offer something different for the other people in the city who can’t afford that.

We have often felt that we would be able to live the good life in a really obnoxious way if we chose to open a school in an urban area where there are a lot of families who have a a lot of excess money to spend. We had always wanted to give back to the community in some way, and we have done that by choosing to stay here and offer affordable prices for people who want to have their children in a private school setting, but can’t typically afford private schools.

Our school is the first private school in the area to cater to middle-class families. While most people live a comfortable life here, there are very few people who have the money to send their kids to the typical private institution that costs a lot of money. We figured out a way to hire intelligent teachers who are good with the kids and offer the type of great education that is typically something something that only wealthier people can afford. It makes us happy to give back in the best way that we know how to the local families here who send their kids to us with pride each school day.

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